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Filming OSCE exam demonstration Video for GMC - 02/02/12

We travelled to Manchester this month, to film an OSCE medical training exam for returning-to-practice or foreign doctors wishing to practice medicine in the UK to have their skills evaluated. We had to film an elaborate sequence which showed the candidates (by filming actors performing the necessary roles) what to expect when in the examination area and rooms and other necessary procedure during the exam. This required careful timing, direction and choreography to make sure that it matched the relevant timings the candidates would be required to adhere to during the exam. We shot with a Sony FS-100 Full HD camcorder and Sennheiser sound gear to capture relevant ambient and in-camera sound (such as examiners or candidates talking).

The edit was carefully achieved with input and liaising with our clients from GMC to ensure that the final product was an accurate depiction of procedure for any participants of an OSCE exam. The fluorescent lighting in the exam circuit looked very cold so colour correction was applied to warm-up environments and skin tone. The new video is already being used by current examinees to learn all they need to about the exam!

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