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A: If you are going to present yourself on video, it's worth bearing in mind the following points so you can be as prepared as possible.

i. Relax! We will put you at ease and make sure your messages come across the way you want them to.

ii. Dress-code: Pale colours tend to work well for shirts and tops. It's best to avoid fine patterns and avoid wearing too much white, black or red.

iii. Content: You could start by introducing yourself, make 3 or 4 key points (e.g. what makes your products or services different), and conclude with a call to action.

iv. Delivery
: Pretend you are simply talking to one person about the topic. (Avoid reading from a printed script.)

v. Autocue: If you prefer to use autocue and are writing your own script, try to write as if you were chatting to someone.

vi. Sound: The room should be as quiet as possible. If there is air-conditioning, this should ideally be able to be switched off during interviewing.

vii. Light: It's fine to have daylight coming from windows, but it's helpful to be able to switch off interior lights due to differences in colour temperature.

viii. Room size
: Ideally a minimum size of 5 metres by 8 metres and the ability to move furniture around.

ix. Backdrop: This should look clean, high quality and uncontrived.

x. Don't worry! Your video interview or presentation isn't going out live - so you can have several 'goes' at getting it right!

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