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Q: Writing a video brief? A: If you are planning a video communications project, it may help to use our briefing outline as shown below.

i. Background
: Why is the video or DVD needed? Have you done something similar before?

ii. Requirement: What do you need? e.g. one 5 minute video module? A DVD containing 8 separate videos? Language versions?

iii. Target audience: Who is your video or DVD aimed at? What is their level of understanding of the topic? How will the video be distributed? How will it be viewed? Who else will see the video?

iv. Objectives: What do you want the video or DVD to achieve? e.g. To help differentiate your organisation from the competition? To increase awareness of your products or services? To add energy to an event?

vii. Key considerations: Is there any content that must be included e.g. particular messages? An interview with your CEO? Is there any existing video footage that could be used? Where is filming likely to take place? Are there any specific constraints?

vi. Style / tone of voice: Are there style requirements or brand guidelines? e.g. fun, serious, high-energy?

vii. Timescales: When is the video needed? And when will approval personnel be available?

viii. Budget: What are your budget parameters?

ix. Contact details: Who is the main contact dealing with the project and who needs to approve each stage? Contact details for these: names, phone numbers, email addresses.

If the above looks too daunting or time-consuming, please don't worry! Just give us a call and we can simply talk through your requirements on the phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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